Friday, August 21, 2015

Our 24th Meeting and 2nd year Anniversary

Ok, fellow audiophiles in the Las Vegas area and everywhere really (this is the world wide web after all,) the first official audio club ever in Sin City, has now completed its 24th meeting! As mentioned before, we also celebrated our 2nd Anniversary! Who knew that this little club in the midst of all the gambling, buffets, and ahem strip joints would grow and prosper like it has? We sure didn't! Then again, this is the entertainment capitol of the world, so why not?!

We had our 24th meeting on 8-16-15.

This time LVAC member Steve hosted the affair, with his superb 2 channel system that is spellbinding in every way. This was Steve's second time hosting in about a year and a half. We also welcomed our new members Gary and Craig.

As usual, we had a great time listening to a variety of tunes (mostly CD and SACD) on Steve's system. We could have listened for hours on end as the sound was very natural and ethereal, but very dynamic and punchy when it wanted to be. The system really strutted its stuff on good ol' Led Zeppelin! But then it was truly captivating on other genres such as classical. It is to say that Steve has 1 of the better systems in the LVAC, it is in fact that good. It was a great way to enjoy oneself and to celebrate an anniversary.

Steve's system rundown is here:

To that, Steve adds:

"OK, changes in my system since last time. I upgraded my LessLoss Signature power cords to their top of the line DFPC Reference power cords. It made a significant improvement. I also replaced my PS Audio Power Plant Premier (which I still think is a dandy device) with two kinds of LessLoss system conditioners: 3 of their now-discontinued Blackbody units ( and 5 of their new Firewall modules (, which I install  between power cables and the components they attach to. This has made the system even more dynamic and cleaner. I've also tried different arrangements of footers (too many variations to recall now), and moved the speakers and the Argent room lenses. As a few club members can attest, the improvements between the last meeting here and this one are not subtle. I'm happy."

Photos are below. Photos are by LVAC member Les.

And to become a member of the LVAC (you must be a member to attend meetings,) follow this link:

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  1. Good post, seems like you have really great time out there. I loved the sound system you have at your place. Thank you for sharing the post with us