Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year from the LVAC

From all of us here at the LVAC; have yourselves a safe and fun filled New Year's! Be sure to have good food and drink, and get those systems rockin' in the New Year! You know we will! 2014 looks to be an exciting year for the audio industry, for audiophiles, and therefore, for the LVAC. We look for the club to grow and expand, and enrich the lives of more audiophiles in the Las Vegas (and beyond) area. There will be some incredible and innovative products at CES here in Las Vegas, which is right around the corner (Jan 7th-10th, 2014.) A number of us will be at the show, so feel free to come up and say hello. We are also going to attempt to include photos of some of the great gear at CES here in this blog. Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

January meeting place and time set!

Ok, the next meeting will be on Sunday, Jan. 26th, 2014 from 2pm-5pm

The meeting will be at LVAC member Dave's place. If you recall, we had out first ever meeting there back in August of 2013. Since then, there have been newer members that have not heard Dave's system! Hence the reason for doing at his place again.

Dave's system features JBL Synthesis loudspeakers aka high end JBLs, and Bryston amplification. The sound is big and bold, and plays as loud as you can stand it. Both analog and digital recordings will be played, evaluated, and enjoyed. Pizza and drinks will be served to satiate the appetite.

So, you don't wanna miss this!

For details, feel free to email us @ dave_a_2005@hotmail.com or motorcitydeadman@gmail.com


JBL Synthesis S4700: http://www.jblsynthesis.com/Products/Details/149

Bryston: http://www.bryston.com

Membership in the LVAC

We're currently looking for a few good audiophiles in the Las Vegas area. Whether you live in the area, or are just visiting, we implore you to join our club. It truly is a lot of fun, and is educational to boot. Membership is currently FREE. That's right, it's free to join, and will be for the forseeable future. There are no rankings or fancy titles. Everyone is an equal in this club. So, what are you waiting for, join the LVAC now!

Contact us at: dave_a_2005@hotmail.com or motorcitydeadman@gmail.com

Thanks for looking, and we would love to have any and all of you as new members!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from the LVAC

From all of us here at the LVAC; have yourselves a safe and fun filled holiday season. Be sure to have good food and drink, and get those systems rockin'! You know we will! And take a moment to spare a thought for those less fortunate than yourselves.

Our Fifth Meeting

Ok, fellow audiophiles in the Las Vegas area and everywhere really (this is the world wide web after all,) the first audio club ever in Sin City, has now completed its fifth meeting!

We had our fifth meeting this last Saturday, (which was 12-21-13)

This time we had a very special guest speaker! His name is Brad Lunde of Lone Mountain Audio, and he is the official US distributor of the world renound ATC Loudpseakers made in the UK!

Inside the fantastic state of the art Palms recording studio (inside the Palms Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas,) we had a great time listening to tunes (all digital, including High Definition tracks via a computer) on Brad's all ATC system. We could have listened for days on end, it was that good! The bass was phenomenal for just a 6 1/2 inch woofer in the SCM 40 speakers, and the midrange and highs were beautifully integrated. It was as if you could reach out and touch the music. And once again, it was good times!

But not only that, Brad put on a very informative and entertaining lecture about the art of recording, studio vs. home sound, the technical side of ATC loudspeakers, the history of ATC, and what the company is all about and what they stand for.

The system was a very simple one and comprised of the ATC SCM 40 loudspeakers and the new SIACD, 100W/ch integrated amp with DAC and CD player. Plus Brad's laptop computer for the HD tracks. Cables were ordinary 12 gauge (speaker) and basic interconnects.

A BIG thanks to Brad, Zoe (of the Palms Recording Studio,) and Richard for making this special event happen!

Be sure to visit the ATC room at CES 2014. Tell them we sent you.

Right now we have 9 members, and we're looking for a few more good audiophiles in the Vegas area and beyond.

Again, meetings will be once a month.

So, don't be shy, we'd love to have you for the next meeting, and as of now it's still FREE to join!

Any questions? email us at: dave_a_2005@hotmail.com or motorcitydeadman@gmail.com

Photos are below. Links are also below. Photos were taken by Brad's colleague Richard and LVAC member Robert.


ATC: http://www.atcloudspeakers.co.uk/

Lone Mountain Audio: http://lonemountainaudio.com/

Lone Mountain Audio Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lone-Mountain-Audio/170731919775283

The Palms Recording Studio: http://www.palms.com/music-venues/recording-studio

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Component of the Week: Accuphase E-600

LVAC member Dave says: "A soon to be reference standard for integrated amps! Need I say more? It's not cheap, but the nothing of this caliber is!"

The integrated amplifiers from Accuphase operating in full class A enjoy an excellent reputation both in Japan and overseas for their outstanding musical qualities. The E-600 represents a model change from the popular E-560. While incorporating the sophisticated technological know-how gained by Accuphase over the years, it features a further refined AAVA volume control and uses the latest circuit topology and strictly selected parts of the utmost quality. The E-600 is destined to become the new reference model for high-class integrated amplifiers.

AAVA is a revolutionary principle designed for high performance and ultimate sound. It integrates the amplification and volume control tasks in a single electronic entity that uses analog processing and eliminates all variable resistors from the signal path. Its performance and sonic purity do not deteriorate over the years, providing excellent reliability. The AAVA version in the E-600 takes the principle to the next level, delivering the same peerless performance in a more compact form factor.

The power amplifier section is built as an advanced instrumentation amplifier, which enables fully balanced signal transmission throughout. Together with the further improved MCS+ circuit topology and the highly acclaimed current feedback principle, this makes for even better electrical characteristics. In the output stage, high-power MOS-FET devices renowned for their great sound and utter reliability are arranged in a triple parallel push-pull configuration per channel.


Revolutionary AAVA volume control
Output stage with triple parallel push-pull power MOS-FETs
Instrumentation amplifier principle for power amplifier input stage allows fully balanced signal transmission and enhances current feedback and MCS+ topology
Tone control circuits
Logic-control relays for straight and short signal paths
Option board slots provide capability for digital signal input (DAC-40) and analog record playback
Logic-control relays for straight and short signal paths
Robust power supply with large high-efficiency toroidal transformer and high filtering capacity
EXT PRE button allows separation of preamplifier and power amplifier stage

GUARANTEED SPECIFICATIONS (with AD-20 Phono board installed)
Continuous average output power: 120 W/ch (2 ohms), 60 W/ch (4 ohms), 30 W/ch (8 ohms)
Frequency response (1 W output): 2 Hz - 150 kHz +0 -3,0 dB
Damping factor: 500 (EIA 8 ohm, 50 Hz)
Input sensitivity: 0,05 mV (DISC MC), 0,98 mV (DISC MM), 77,7 mV (HIGH LEVEL), 0,617 V (POWER IN)


Recorder switch
Copy switch
Tone controls
Loudness compensator
Speaker selector
Meter operation/illumination switch
EXT PRE switch
Balanced inputs
Two sets of speaker outputs
Maximum dimensions: 465 (W) x 191 (H) x 426 (D) mm
Mass: 24,0 kg

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Component of the Week: Parasound Halo A51 amplifier

This is LVAC member Kirk's pick for Component of the Week.
Kirk says: "This is a drool worthy amplifier for home theater users everywhere.  Comes in silver or black, to fit your decor needs!"

Andrew Robinson in his review stated:  "With a sub-$5,000 asking price, the Parasound A51 is a tremendous amplifier. While its asking price is far from cost no object, its performance is on par with the best, mating a beautiful midrange and non-fatiguing top end to a lively and punchy bass section that, while not the deepest-plunging, is one of the most musical I've encountered in a long while. With reputation and reliability in tow, the Parasound A51 is a stunner in almost every regard."   http://hometheaterreview.com/parasound-a51-five-channel-power-amplifier-reviewed/

Circuitry designed by legendary John Curl
 THX Ultra2 certified
 High bias Class A/AB operation
 Balanced inputs with discrete circuits and XLR connectors
 Direct Coupled - no capacitors or inductors in signal path
 Complementary MOSFET driver stage and JFET input stage
 40 beta-matched 15 amp, 60 MHz bipolar output transistors
 2.2 kVA encapsulated toroid power transformer with independent
  secondary windings for each channel
 164,000 µF power supply filter capacitance
 DC Servo and relay protection circuits
 AC present, channel status, high temperature indicators
 Heavy-duty 24k gold-plated 5-way speaker terminals
 Gold-plated RCA input jacks; ground lift switch
 Auto turn-on by 12v trigger or audio signal
 4u Chassis, carry handles, rack mounting adapter included
 Parasound 5 year parts, 5 years labor warranty


Price: $4499 USD