Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Membership in the LVAC

By becoming a member of the LVAC, you’ll enjoy these benefits:
  • Invitations to all LVAC meetings and events.
  • You’ll get to meet top designers, distributors, and luminaries from the audio world.
  • Audition equipment and music not normally available from local audio salons and dealers.
  • Exchange ideas with others sharing the same interests.
  • Attend meetings at members' places and local audio-related businesses.
  • Participate in CES
How to Join
Dues are $30 USD annually. You must also answer a little questionaire (via email) which will be reviewed by our President and Founder, Dave. If you pass, you will be sent an acceptance letter. If you fail, you will not receive any further correspondence. So as we always say here in Vegas, good luck!

Email to: or

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