Monday, January 9, 2017

New meeting place!

We're very excited to announce the new meeting place for virtually all lvac meetings, and without further ado:

(702) 910-4913

and there you have it, the new meeting place! the first meeting will be announced in due time. keep checking this site for further info!

be there or be square!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

We're back!

After more than a year sabbatical, we have returned...We are now accepting applications for new members (whether you live in southern nevada or not.) On proper completion of the questionare aka the screening process you will be welcomed into the fold...however, we may reserve the right to not allow prospective members. the lvac is for ages 18 to 100. this way we can learn from the past and present with an eagle eye on the future of audio. also, there's no fighting, arguing, bullying, defamation of character, or belittlement of staff and members alike in the lvac. we're all adults here and such behavior will result in termination of membership, no exceptions. in addition, membership is free until further notice, dave will remain as your acting president and we will announce a meeting place soon. finally, meetings at other peoples homes are encouraged but not mandatory.

finally, if you are interested in joining the lvac, you may send an email to the following addresses below...if you have any comments or questions you may send those along too.

well, that's about it for now, take care, please join us, have fun, and happy listening!