Wednesday, October 22, 2014

LVAC membership dues

As of this day 10-22-14, the LVAC now has membership dues. Dues are in the amount of $30 USD which will be charged annually. In addition, all new members must pay $30 USD annually as well and also pass the special questionaire.

For details, email to: or

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Fourteenth meeting

Ok, fellow audiophiles in the Las Vegas area and everywhere really (this is the world wide web after all,) the first official audio club ever in Sin City, has now completed its fourteenth meeting.

We had our fourteenth meeting on 10-18-14.

For a list of equipment, check out our last blog post here:

The meeting took place at LVAC member Todd's place. This was Todd's first time hosting. You couldn't tell by the way Todd presented. He was very professional. And as you can see in the list of equipment via the link above, most of his components are vintage. You can't judge book by it's cover, and the vintage components put out a sound that was on a par with today's top stuff. It was dynamic, transparent, and had a visceral quality. Interestingly enough, more members preferred the oldie but goodie Klipsches (with Velodyne subwoofer) to the new flashy JBLs. Of course it was apples to oranges, but the fact remained, the modified Klipsches were the clear winner here. So, it was a very enjoyable experience to say the least, and most genres of music were played, leaning heavily towards classic jazz from the Blue Note and Atlantic labels. Overall a very successful meeting, and the food Todd provided (pizza and wings) was nothing short of excellent. So basically, once again good times were had by all. No one was disappointed. And that's the way it should be! That's how we roll here at the LVAC!

Photos are below. Photos by LVAC member Todd.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

RMAF 2014

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is, our exclusive pictorial of arguably the biggest audio show in North America; The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest!

Photos by LVAC member Mike.

PS Audio and vintage Infinity IRS Beta's

Vegas Image Audio system

VPI Turntable with Bob's Devices excellent CineMag step-up transformers

Vapor Audio Speakers with Allnic electronics

Classic Audio T 1.5 Reference speakers with Altma Sphere Novacron Mk 3.2 triode amps

Wavelength Audio Amps and Vaughn Audio Plasma speakers

Musical Concepts Pass/pro mod for the Hafler DH101 pre amp

Volti audio Vittora speakers and Border Patrol electronics

Devore Gibbon X

ModWright electronics with Daedalus Audio Muse speakers

Audio Research Reference amp with KT 150 driver tubes

Nola Studio Grand Reference Gold speakers

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Membership in the LVAC

By becoming a member of the LVAC, you’ll enjoy these benefits:
  • Invitations to all LVAC meetings and events.
  • You’ll get to meet top designers, distributors, and luminaries from the audio world.
  • Audition equipment and music not normally available from local audio salons and dealers.
  • Exchange ideas with others sharing the same interests.
  • Attend meetings at members' places and local audio-related businesses.
  • Participate in CES
How to Join
Dues are $30 USD annually. You must also answer a little questionaire (via email) which will be reviewed by our President and Founder, Dave. If you pass, you will be sent an acceptance letter. If you fail, you will not receive any further correspondence. So as we always say here in Vegas, good luck!

Email to: or

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October meeting place and time set

Sorry everyone about there not being a September meeting. Things happen.

Anyway, everything is set for October!

This time around, LVAC member Todd will host at his place.

The meeting date and time is Saturday, Oct. 18th from 2-5 pm PST.

Todd's system is as follows:

Klipsch La Scalas with up graded Bob Crites A/4500 X overs and T-125 Tweeters (speakers)

JBL Studio 590's (speakers)

Mcintosh MC 225 (amp)

Mcintosh MX110Z (preamp)

Thorens TD 145 (turntable)

Teac A-3340s (reel to reel)

Sony XA-5400es. (SACD player)

Any questions or comments, and details regarding this event, feel free to contact us at: or