Wednesday, October 15, 2014

RMAF 2014

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is, our exclusive pictorial of arguably the biggest audio show in North America; The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest!

Photos by LVAC member Mike.

PS Audio and vintage Infinity IRS Beta's

Vegas Image Audio system

VPI Turntable with Bob's Devices excellent CineMag step-up transformers

Vapor Audio Speakers with Allnic electronics

Classic Audio T 1.5 Reference speakers with Altma Sphere Novacron Mk 3.2 triode amps

Wavelength Audio Amps and Vaughn Audio Plasma speakers

Musical Concepts Pass/pro mod for the Hafler DH101 pre amp

Volti audio Vittora speakers and Border Patrol electronics

Devore Gibbon X

ModWright electronics with Daedalus Audio Muse speakers

Audio Research Reference amp with KT 150 driver tubes

Nola Studio Grand Reference Gold speakers

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