Friday, August 23, 2013

Component of the Week #2: Silnote Audio's Morpheus Reference Series II XLR analog cables

This is LVAC member Kirk's pick for Component of the Week.

Kirk says:

"I use these cables between my Oppo BDP-95 and my Marantz AV8801 preamp/surround sound processor.  I can do A/B comparisons as I used a different input for the XLRs and kept my RCA cables connected.  I ran "pure direct" mode for both when means the signal goes straight through without any processing to the amplifier.  All of the digital to analog conversion was done via the Oppo's onboard Sabre DACs, some of the best there are (at least they were when I bought the Oppo!)." 

"Test discs/songs included Andrea Bocelli's Sogno, "the Prayer", Audioslave's self-titled debut CD playing "Like a Stone", Norah Jone's Come Away with Me, title track, Dire Straits Sultan's of Swing (the very best of Dire Straits), title track as well as "Lady Writer", "On Every Street", and "Your Latest Trick" (live).  I also played Jim Brickman's My Romance (an evening with Jim Brickman), an HDCD.  Track 13, "By Heart" features Jim at the piano (of course) along with vocalist (and his high school friend) Anne Cochran in a live concert at Capital Theater in Salt Lake City.  This, along with Norah Jone's are my go-to songs for female vocals and piano.  Audioslave's minimalist approach to "Like a Stone" helps as each individual instrument is clearly identifiable and locatable on the soundstage.  Dire Straits' tracks are very musical and complex, with multiple instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, studio and live settings, etc.  A very versatile disc."

Here's what Silnote Audio, the manufacturer says about this cable:
         "The Morpheus Reference Series II design is the cable that will capture the soul of the    listener, which deliver a true natural musical experience."
"Coherency with glorious mid-range warmth, a very musical cable that is palpable with life like "you are there" experience."

"The Morpheus Reference is designed with multiple 24k Gold, Silver, and Copper UPOF7N, zero crystal, surgical high grade precious metal that delivers one of the most exclusive listening experience – The XLR version is a true triple balanced design.  Proudly handcrafted in the USA."
"I found these cable to add depth to the bass line and deepen the soundstage compared to my RCA cables." 

"Hear these for yourself September 28th when the audio club will be meeting at my house and you are all invited to listen to my humble system.  Bring your favorite discs, 2 channel, SACD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.  Sorry, I don't have a way to play vinyl."

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Price: $795.00 USD 1 meter


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