Thursday, August 22, 2013

CDs and LPs to Die For: Part 1

This will be a regular installment here at the LVAC blog. This where I ask the various LVAC members what their absolute favorite LPs (and CDs) are. Ones that, you guessed it, are to die for! But, they only can pick 6, so there lies the challenge...

Our first picks come from LVAC member Des. Below are the album cover photos with Des' throwing in his 2 cents about them.

Thanks for looking! And stay tuned for the next installment...coming soon!

Steve Winwood---Arc of a Diver
Still a classic
Joan Baez
This Album alone for her version of Brothers in arms
Cat Stevens Teaser and the Firecat
Great sonics--mixed on Magnepans!
Leo Kottke
World's finest 12 String exponent

Mark Knopfler and emmy lou
Terrific laid back harmonies

Roger Waters
Amused to Death
Superb and masterful from the legend

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