Friday, July 31, 2015

Our 23rd Meeting

Ok, fellow audiophiles in the Las Vegas area and everywhere really (this is the world wide web after all,) the first official audio society ever in Sin City, has now completed its 23rd meeting! Our 2nd anniversary is just a few days away!!

We had our 23rd meeting on 7-25-15.

This time LVAC member Kirk hosted. This was Kirk's second time hosting in a year. And he had a few surprises for us in the guise of his new ATC SCM19 speakers driven with an ATC P1 (a Stereophile Class A component on loan from the ATC distributor, Brad Lunde of Lone Mountain Audio) amp. Also, he had a Systemdek turntable (expertly set up by fellow LVAC member Mike) with a Nagaoka cartridge. This marked Kirk's venture back into analog in quite some time.

We had a great time listening to a variety of tunes (mostly digital) on Kirk's systems. There was good food and drink courtesy of Kirk and his wife. Needless to say, no one left disappointed at all. The combo of the ATC amp and speakers produced a very bold yet vivid sound. The depth of soundstage was most impressive. The speakers were hitting almost 100 decibels( measured) without strain. Which is impressive for a small monitor speaker, and a speaker in general. In my opinion, the speakers sounded better at higher volumes. The turntable was dead quiet and produced a sound that punched above its weight class. In fact this whole system did too. A very well put together combination of components where the strengths outweighed the weaknesses.

For a list of the rest of the componentry in Kirk's system click on the link below.

Kirk says:

"L&R speaker cable is now Audioquest CV-8 cable

"I moved the old L&R speakers, the B&W LCR6’s up above the TV as my surround sound “height” speakers for a 7.2 arrangement.  So far so good with those, though it wasn’t a huge improvement (but it was an improvement)."

"I also added a Sony XBR 65” 850A 4k TV, but we didn’t demo it this time since I was focused on the ATC SCM19 v2’s and the P1 amp."

And it was the best the system has sounded to date. Everything said about this system in our previous post was that and then some. It was truly better as opposed to just different.


Photos courtesy of LVAC member Les.

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