Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our Eighteenth Meeting

Ok, fellow audiophiles in the Las Vegas area and everywhere really (this is the world wide web after all,) the first official audio club ever in Sin City, has now completed its eighteenth meeting.

We had our eighteenth meeting on 2-21-15.

For a list of equipment, check out the blog post here:

However, there have been some interesting additions to the system. Instead of the McIntosh 225 amp, in its place is a fully restored Marantz 8B! Also, the speaker setup has changed. Gone are the JBL Studio 590s (they weren't really very good in this system anyway.) In it's place full time are the Klipsch La Scalas. Plus, very interesting horn tweeters from Altec (805Bs on top) and Eminence (APT 200 with bi-radial horn in the middle). As well as Crites A/4500 crossovers. To round it off, 2 Velodyne subwoofers are used.

The meeting took place at LVAC member Todd's place. This was Todd's second time hosting. He was very professional in his presentation. And as you can see in the list of equipment via the link above, most of his components are vintage. You can't judge book by it's cover, and the vintage components put out a sound that was on a par with today's top stuff. It was dynamic, transparent, and had a visceral quality. Compared to last time 6 months ago, it was even better, if you can imagine that! So, it was a very enjoyable experience to say the least, and all genres of music were played, especially classic jazz from the Blue Note label of which Todd scored an entire collection of last year. Overall, a very successful meeting, and the food and drink Todd provided (pizza and soda pop) was nothing short of excellent. So basically, once again good times were had by all. No one was disappointed. And that's the way it should be! That's how we roll here at the LVAC!

Photos are below. Photos by LVAC member Todd.

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