Thursday, December 4, 2014

December meeting addendum

"We'll have in-house, a demo of a great new product designed by one of the true masters of high end audio. Details will be forthcoming!"

And here are the details...

It will be the First Watt J2 amp by legendary designer Nelson Pass. First Watt is Nelson Pass' other company dedicated to lower powered Class A amps.

Here's some links so you can get familiar with it:

After the meeting, we will have reviews of the amp by our members who have attended. They will be included in this very blog of course. Stay tuned for that later this month!

It should be fun! And that's the name of the game...


  1. What an interesting thing you have shared here about this new great product. I also want to post my reviews on this great amp product. My brother was also there in that meeting rooms on launching, and he shared good reviews about this.

  2. Cool, thanks for your nice comment. Much appreciated.