Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our Fifteenth meeting

Ok, fellow audiophiles in the Las Vegas area and everywhere really (this is the world wide web after all,) the first official audio club ever in Sin City, has now completed its fifteenth meeting.

We had our fifteenth meeting on 11-15-14.

Here is a list of the equipment used according to our host for the afternoon, LVAC member Barry:

  "The CD player was one of the Tascam CD 500's from the house.
  The pre was the Nakamichi CA-5 from my office
  The DSP, a DBX DriveRack 260
  The HF amp Crown CE1000 -- 275 Watt per channel into 8Ω or about 150 into the  16Ω 2441
  The mid amp, Crown CE2000 -- 400 Watt per channel into 8Ω
  The LF amps, Crown CE4000's. One per bass cab. -- 600 Watt per channel into 8Ω. Power dependent they will drive up to 3600 Watts bridged in to a 4Ω load but they sound better to me driving each 2226 with a single channel at 8Ω and they get plenty loud anyway."

  "The HF horn is my favorite large format HF horn,  Community 60° radials with a JBL 2441 drivers loaded with proper JBL D16R2441 aluminum diaphragm's."

  "The mid horn is also a Community, an M80 with a JBL 2020H in them."

  "The bass horns are RCA 9462's loaded with JBL 2226H's. These horns were made in about 1953 and they slay the JBL 4550's sorry to say."

The meeting took place at LVAC member Barry's place. This was Barry's second time hosting. He was quite gracious and accommodating. And as you can see in the list of equipment above, most of his components are vintage. For all intense purposes, this was a PA system. An audiophile PA system. Yes, that sounds like an oxymoron, but the results showed it to be true. Surprisingly enough, the sound was clear as a bell, but had the dynamic range that most home systems can't even begin to touch. Peak sound levels were way over 100 db, and even at those levels, the sound stayed clean and clear, not jumbled up or garbled in the slightest. It had the grace of a ballerina with the full charge of a bull elephant. It could easily convey the power and glory of a full tilt heavy metal band, a big band, or a full orchestra. This system is not for the weak of heart! It was quite the experience to say the least and everyone who attended walked away very impressed. Most genres of music were played, and all of the different genres sounded great. The system did not discriminate on recording quality. So overall, it was once again a very successful meeting, and the food Barry provided (subs, chips, cookies, and soda pop) was nothing short of excellent. So basically, once again good times were had by all. No one left disappointed and hungry. And of course that's the way it should be.

Photos are below. Photos by LVAC member Les and Doc Mark Rutledge out of Southern California.

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