Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Component of the Week: Accuphase P-4200 amplifier

Accuphase says this superb amp incorporates the design technology of their flagship Class-A amp, the mighty A-200. It sits at the bottom of the Accuphase Class A/B lineup. It also is in reach of more audiophiles than the more expensive models, but the sound is incredible, and certainly doesn't sound like it sits at the bottom of the line. Is it destined to become a landmark product? Time will only tell...

LVAC President and Founder Dave says: "I just heard this amazing amp in the Accuphase room at the 2014 CES. To put it mildly, I was bowled over by it! It's got great power and finesse, it is refined and delivers the dynamics in the music. It also sounds very much "live" and colorful. I couldn't believe that this was a Class A/B amp. It sounded much more like Class A. It sits at the bottom of the Accuphase A/B lineup, but it doesn't sound that way. Accuphase has a true winner here, and just wait for the reviews to come in! I can't imagine they will be disappointed in the wonderful product!"


Price: $12500 USD

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