Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Component of the Week: The McCormack DNA 1.0 Deluxe amp (gold level)

This is LVAC member Nick's pick for Component of the Week.

Nick says:

"I bought the McCormack DNA 1.0 Deluxe amp used on Audiogon for $1,000 last year. Have upgraded it to gold level which cost $1,865. That includes the high performance diode bridge and HiFi tuning fuse. I did the diode bridge not necessarily for performance at this time, but rather because Steve said it is so much easier to do now while the gold upgrade was being done. Here's the link to his site  upgrades   The amp has 100 hours on it. It is a huge improvement over my CIA D100's. Excellent resolution, more body and slam. Gorgeous midrange. I have SP Tech 2.1's upgraded to 3.0 status. It's a great speaker imo. Both the amp and speakers are very neutral. I am only running my dac into the amp. It is a modded Squeezebox 2 with dedicated power supply. The sound is quite good considering it's from 2007. But it has that digital edge. A friend is lending me his Buffalo diy dac. I will have it in a few days and that should (hopefully) be an eye-opener for me. I'll be auditioning interconnects and speaker cables soon as well. I also have a Basis Ovation turntable with a Graham 1.5 arm, but I haven't run phono for 5 years. I know, I have to get that going.... So I'm going to be a busy guy for a while with all this going on."

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